Post-Birth Support

Many adoption providers, just like Lifeline, offer resource assistance and adoption planning. Just like our desire is to serve you before the birth of your child as more than just a pregnant woman, we also desire to be available to you for a lifetime after birth.

Every option you have in front of you can be a difficult one. While adoption can bring you much joy in the life giving choice you have made for yourself and your child and can help you achieve many of your goals in life, the choice is not without some grief and loss. A great love meets a great loss when adoption is chosen. We desire to give you support continually in relationship with your counselor for as long as you desire it. We are available to bear with you in both the grief and the joy, and to point you to Christ, the One who heals and gives life and hope.

We are also here to support you in the next steps of your own life, whether that means offering counseling for goal-setting, networking for employment opportunities, or connecting you to needed resources. If you have chosen to have a level of openness in relationship with your child’s adoptive family, we will be here to help you navigate and enjoy that relationship.