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Lifeline is here to give you peace of mind in whatever you choose for your baby

You are facing one of the most difficult decisions of your life as you face an unplanned pregnancy. You may be considering giving up your baby for adoption. We are here to help you know you are not “giving up” and help you make a loving plan for your infant.


Confidential Support

A local worker committed to you, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Personalized Adoption Plan

You choose the parents for your infant adoption; you choose if you want open, semi-open, or closed; you choose what you want your time in the hospital to be like; you get connected to other women who made plans like yours. We offer unplanned pregnancy help but you are in the driver’s seat!


Financial Assistance

We can help you get connected to the resources you might need such as insurance, pre-natal care, housing, and more.


Pre and Post Placement Support

Considering putting up your baby for adoption while still considering your other options is wise. We want you to have the education, counseling, support, and resources you need to help you make a decision. We will also provide support after birth for as long as you desire.


Help Choosing the Perfect Parents

If you are pregnant and thinking about giving up your baby for adoption, one of your first questions may be how to find the right parents for your child. Our thoroughly screened, trained, and approved parents are with us not just because they want to be parents, but also because they want to know you.


Making All Necessary Arrangements

We arrange all the other logistics for you. We connect you to an attorney for legal advice if needed. We contact the hospital on your behalf and prepare them for what you desire in your time there. We facilitate the communication between you and the adoptive parents you choose for as long as you want us to. We take care of any other logistics needed.

Lifeline Pregnancy Counseling is committed to you!

While many adoption agencies were established with the primary purpose of helping adoptive families, our local adoption center was established with the primary purpose of helping women in an unplanned pregnancy.  At Lifeline, we view every expectant parent we come in contact with as a whole-being with spiritual, emotional, social, and physical needs. Therefore, we desire to serve and support you in every area of your life if you desire, not only in the area of pregnancy. Because we were established for you, all of our processes are based on respecting and honoring you and what is in you and your child’s best interests.

All of our adoptive couples have been carefully and thoroughly evaluated to ensure their readiness to provide a stable and loving home for a child. Additionally, they have been trained in the value of an open adoption if that is what you desire as well as how to honor you in their home. They know you are not giving up your baby for adoption, but are making a loving plan. In fact, they have chosen to utilize Lifeline because of our commitment to you!

Regardless of whether you are facing a teenage pregnancy, you are already parenting a child, or are in any other situation, an unplanned pregnancy can be scary. You deserve to have a local advocate who will meet with you one on one and help walk you through this process. You will receive unplanned pregnancy help and more. Contact us today!

Get Answers to Your Biggest Questions

Absolutely not. We do not want you committing to anything until you have the education and support to make a decision you feel is in the best interest of yourself and your child. We will not move forward with any plan until you are ready. Scroll down to learn more about what a first meeting might look like.

Absolutely! You will have the opportunity to choose a family that you love by viewing profiles of screened and trained families that fit the desires you share with your local worker. These profiles show you more about these families like what they like to do, how they will parent, what life in their home would be like, and much more. If you would like, you can meet the family you choose to get to know them even more.

The father’s rights are different in every state. We love working with birth fathers who want to be involved. However, birth mothers often make an adoption plan without the hold of the baby’s father. As part of your support and counsel, you will be advised about the rights in your state and together with an attorney, we will develop a plan that is best for you and baby.

Yes, if this is something you desire. Most adoptions will start semi-open and Lifeline adoption center can help facilitate and navigate the relationship between you, the adoptive parents, and the child. Then, as you get to know each other better, the relationship may progress from there. We will help you think through what level of openness you desire to start with such as just letters and pictures or visits. The adoptive parents you choose will be committed to the level of openness that you choose.

We believe that every good decision begins with good information, and at Lifeline, that’s what we desire to share with expectant parents. Our pregnancy counselors are passionate about providing pregnancy options counseling and unplanned pregnancy help in a way that is supportive, understanding, and non-pressuring. We desire to equip expectant parents with the knowledge needed to make the best choice for their child’s long-term well-being.

Our staff is committed to treating you with respect and providing non-judgmental counsel. We want to know your hopes, your dreams, and your fears and walk beside you in all of those.

Additionally, our families are top notch! They have chosen Lifeline because of our commitment to you! They don’t want you pressured into a decision and they want to know you if that’s something you desire!

Adoption Process

  • Contact a Lifeline Pregnancy Counselor
  • Meet with a local, trained, and experienced worker to talk about your options and learn more about the process
  • Get connected to local community resources such as Medicaid, pre-natal care, and housing
  • Meet with an attorney for any legal questions
  • Review and select pre-screened, trained, and loving adoptive families for your child
  • Get to know the family you choose, if you desire
  • Prepare for hospital time and post placement time with your local worker
  • Place your child into the family you have chosen
  • Continue meeting with your local worker for grief support if you desire
  • Connect with other birthmothers through our online community and annual Birthmothers Day event

The First Meeting

Many expecting parents have shared that they were nervous before coming to a first meeting, but please know that we want you to feel relaxed and at ease when you meet with your advocate for the first time! Here are a few things you can expect in a first meeting:

Where will we meet and how long will it last? You will meet at a location that is convenient for you (this may be at the office or at a local coffee shop of your choosing). Most initial meetings last about an hour.

What will we talk about? The purpose of the first visit is for you and your advocate to get to know each other. We want you to walk away feeling confident in your support person and for all your questions about the adoption process to be answered. We will also ask you some questions so that we can know how we can best serve you.

We encourage you to make this a two-way interview! We want you to feel confident in the process of adoption and are here to answer any questions that you have no matter how big or small.

Will I fill out paperwork? Your advocate will talk through some intake paperwork that will help you understand the adoption process. This paperwork is very minimal and will not commit you to make an adoption plan.

If you are anxious to get started with the process of infant adoption, or if you are wanting to take things slow, let your advocate know and we will make sure to go at a pace that makes you comfortable.

We are here to listen and help 24/7

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering an adoption plan for your child, we are here to help. All the choices are yours. Your child, your choice! Lifeline has been assisting expectant mothers since 1981.

We were founded with you in mind! We are committed to providing you with compassionate support, quality adoption services, and excellent care throughout your pregnancy and through post placement support. We want to equip you to make an adoption that meets all of your desires for your baby.

Contact us today to speak to one of our pregnancy counselors who specialize in infant adoption. We know the first contact can be scary. We will greet you with respect and compassion. We would love to get to know you!

Know the Facts

adoption agency in Alabama


Lifeline acknowledges that parenting is a life-giving, honorable, and viable option for many women facing an unplanned pregnancy.

adoption agency in Alabama


Many women facing unplanned pregnancies feel as though the most honorable decision they can make for themselves is abortion.

adoption agency in Alabama


A good mother makes a plan for her child. If you are in a place where you are not ready to parent, adoption may be the best option for you and your child.

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