Options Counseling and Support

Realizing you are pregnant without planning for or expecting it is a lot to take in at once. Realizing your life is about to change, with any option you choose, is even more to process. We want you to know that no matter how much you may feel it, you are not alone. You are not without hope.

Thinking through all the options for your child and for you is wise. Our counselors desire to come alongside and support you as you consider your options long-term. Whether you are considering parenting, abortion, adoption, or all of these, we desire to meet you right where you are and give you truthful information and counseling for all the options you are considering.

Our services to you are free, and support is available 24/7. You will have a one on one relationship with a pregnancy counselor whose passion is to serve you. Your counselor will get to know you and learn about your circumstances, needs, goals, and values. Our desire is to care for you holistically as a whole woman, not just as a woman who is pregnant. Whatever you choose, we are committed to you as a loving support. If you decide to make an adoption plan, we as an adoption agency are able to specialize in that service and offer you adoption case planning and resource assistance.

Both you and your child are of great value because you are created by God in His image. It is our prayer that God will use this time in your life to show you His great love for you and to draw you to Himself.