Adoption Case Planning and Resource Assistance

Lifeline provides you with a pregnancy counselor, whose passion is to serve you throughout the adoption process. This support is made to you 24/7. Our counselors desire to work with you in adoption case planning at any point during your pregnancy and even after your child is born. At Lifeline, you are in the driver’s seat of your adoption, having a voice in every step of the way from choosing an adoptive family, to determining the level of openness in your adoption, and more. Our counselors desire to walk with you through this process, hearing your desires, affirming you in your decisions, and empowering you to make the best decisions for you and your child. We know that the emotions you will experience while making an adoption plan can be confusing. Our counselors will do their best to walk through these emotions with you, while preparing you for the emotions that you will experience during your pregnancy and after. Your counselor will also serve as your advocate, helping prepare you for your time in the hospital and will be available to you during that time. Our pregnancy counselors are here to provide you with both, emotional and spiritual support through this journey.

We understand that oftentimes you may have other needs and obstacles outside of your pregnancy, such as housing and physical needs, in which we would love to assist you with. Lifeline counselors hope to build a relationship with you, assess and seek provision for your financial, emotional and spiritual needs. Lifeline’s goal is to address your needs holistically, by either providing or connecting you to resources that will lay a foundation for long-term success. Lifeline will also assist you in health care planning, helping you obtain insurance if needed, as well as connecting you with health care professionals in your area, ensuring that you receive proper medical care for the duration of your pregnancy.

Some Questions you may have:

Will I have the ability to choose the family for my baby and what does that look like? Yes. Each woman has the opportunity to express their desires for potential adoptive parents for their child, view profiles for screened, qualified, and approved families, where you learn who they are, things they like, how they will parent, how they want to have a relationship with you, and much more. After viewing these profiles, you have the opportunity to choose and meet the potential adoptive parents of your child.

Will I have contact with my child after birth and adoption? We understand that every woman has different desires and processes grief differently. Therefore, you can help determine the amount of contact you have with your child. At minimum, you will receive regular letters, pictures, and updates of your child. You also have the availability of choosing a more open option, in which you can have visits with your child and the adoptive family.

How will my child know anything about me? Our adoptive parents have undergone extensive training, hearing from women who have made an adoption plan, and hope to always honor and respect you in their home, sharing with the child the sacrifice and love you made for them. As you build your relationship with the adoptive family, you have the ability to share about yourself, your interests, hobbies, characteristics, and more that you would want your child to know.