Are there any costs to me for placing my baby for adoption?

No. There are no costs for you as the birthmother.

Can I choose a family for my baby?

Absolutely! You will have the opportunity to choose a family that you love by viewing profiles of screened and trained families that fit the desires you share with your local worker. These profiles show you more about these families like what they like to do, how they will parent, what life in their home would be like, and much more. If you would like, you can meet the family you choose to get to know them even more.

Does the father of my baby have any rights?

The father’s rights are different in every state. We love working with birth fathers who want to be involved. However, birth mothers often make an adoption plan without the help of the baby’s father. As part of your support and counsel, you will be advised about the rights in your state and together with an attorney, we will develop a plan that is best for you and baby.

Can I have contact with my baby after adoption?

Yes, if this is something you desire. Most adoptions will start semi-open and Lifeline can help facilitate and navigate the relationship between you, the adoptive parents, and the child. Then, as you get to know each other better, the relationship may progress from there. We will help you think through what level of openness you desire to start with such as just letters and pictures or visits. The adoptive parents you choose will be committed to the level of openness that you choose.

Why is Lifeline Children’s Services the local adoption agency for me?

We believe that every good decision begins with good information, and at Lifeline, that’s what we desire to share with expectant parents. Our pregnancy counselors are passionate about providing pregnancy options counseling in a way that is supportive, understanding, and non-pressuring. We desire to equip expectant parents with the knowledge needed to make the best choice for their child’s long-term well-being.

Our staff is committed to treating you with respect and providing non-judgmental counsel. We want to know your hopes, your dreams, and your fears and walk beside you in all of those.

Additionally, our families are top notch! They have chosen Lifeline because of our commitment to you! They don’t want you pressured into a decision and they want to know you if that’s something you desire!

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