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We are here for YOU!

Whether you think you might be pregnant or you are needing some assistance as you parent, know that you are not alone. Our staff at Lifeline Pregnancy Center is ready to meet with you and hear how we can come alongside you and help you.


If you believe you might be pregnant and aren’t sure what to do,
make an appointment for a free pregnancy test at
Lifeline Pregnancy Center in Topeka, Kansas.

Our staff is here to help you identify if you are pregnant through a
self-administered test.  If your test is positive, our staff will
walk with you through all three of your options of parenting,
choosing parents for your baby through adoption, or abortion.

If you would like to make an appointment for a free pregnancy test,
click below and one of our staff will contact you to schedule.


Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and thinking about the decisions ahead of you, can feel overwhelming. Lifeline Pregnancy Center is here for YOU.

Whether you just found out you’re pregnant, are nearing delivery, or have already had your baby, one of our pregnancy counselors would love to meet you and walk with you through your pregnancy options (parenting,
choosing parents for your baby through adoption, or abortion).

You don’t have to be on this journey alone. 
We are available to listen, support, encourage, and provide information
to help you plan what is best for you and your baby.


Should you choose to make a parenting plan for your baby, or
if you currently are parenting a child, the Lifeline Pregnancy Center
is ready to walk alongside, support, and encourage you along the way.

If you need material support, we have our Care Closet which is available for our clients who desire to parent or are currently parenting.
The Care Closet has items such as clothing, diapers, and formula.

In addition to tangible supports for parents, we also have information
on local parenting classes including Lifeline’s Families Count parenting class.

If you desire more information about the Care Closet
or parenting classes, please click below.


At Lifeline Pregnancy Center, we want for YOU to be able to make the best choice for you and your baby while we walk alongside you in love and support. 

An option that could be great for both you and your baby is to
choose parents for your baby through adoption.  Adoption allows you
to give your baby the greatest gift – the gift of life.  Whether you’re newly pregnant, nearing delivery, or have brought your baby home,
the option of adoption can be discussed.

If you would like to speak with a counselor from Lifeline
to learn more about the services for you and your baby,
click below to request an appointment.

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