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A good mother makes a plan for her child. If you are in a place where you are seeing that you might not be ready to parent in a way that provides the best care for your child, evaluating other options is wise. You may be concerned about your emotional readiness to parent, stability in relationships, relationship with the baby’s father, having a support system, your financial situation or physical circumstances, or unfulfilled goals such as education and employment. Adoption could be a great option for both you and your child. It is an option that allows you to give your child the greatest gift – the gift of life – and to plan and choose for your child’s best interest and for your own.

Here at Lifeline, we want just that – for YOU to be able to make the plan while we walk alongside you in love and support. Both our counseling staff and our prospective adoptive families desire to honor and support you as you plan for your child’s long-term life.

You may have been told that adoption means giving up, being irresponsible, or not loving your child. We believe that these things are not true, and that making an adoption plan for your child’s best care is a choice that is giving, responsible, and loving. It takes great courage and sacrifice to look beyond yourself for the good of another. Placing your child will not be easy, but neither will any pregnancy option. Separation after carrying a baby for nine months will be painful. The adoption experience for a birthmother can be heartbreaking on many levels, and it will involve loss and grief. But the adoption journey is one that holds great hope, because it is a plan that gives life. You can feel empowered knowing you made a responsible, loving decision for your child. Healing takes strength and courage, and post-adoption counseling is highly recommended and available.

As you are evaluating your options, let your choice be based on the long-term care of your child, not just the immediate. Friends and family are usually sincere in their desire for you to parent your child because they think it is best for you. Emotional support from the people close to you is a good thing, but ultimately this is your child and your choice to make. Let the long-term wellbeing of your child be the highest priority.