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Lifeline Pregnancy Counseling is committed to you!

While many adoption agencies were established with the primary purpose of helping adoptive families, our local adoption center was established with the primary purpose of helping women in an unplanned pregnancy. At Lifeline, we view every expectant parent we come in contact with as a whole-being with spiritual, emotional, social, and physical needs. Therefore, we desire to serve and support you in every area of your life if you desire, not only in the area of pregnancy. Because we were established for you, all of our processes are based on respecting and honoring you and what is in you and your child’s best interests.

All of our adoptive couples have been carefully and thoroughly evaluated to ensure their readiness to provide a stable and loving home for a child. Additionally, they have been trained in the value of an open adoption if that is what you desire as well as how to honor you in their home. They know you are not giving up your baby for adoption, but are making a loving plan. In fact, they have chosen to utilize Lifeline because of our commitment to you!

Regardless of whether you are facing a teenage pregnancy, you are already parenting a child, or are in any other situation, an unplanned pregnancy can be scary. You deserve to have a local advocate who will meet with you one on one and help walk you through this process. Contact us today!

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